Hey everyone, welcome! My name is Steve and this, is my brand new sports and fitness blog. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a 22 year old university student and sports journalist for the school paper. I use to be very athletic in high school, but after seeing to many people I knew get major injuries in sports like basketball, football and hockey I decided to save my body and instead get ahead with my brain. I still stay very involved in athletics, I coach the peewee football team in the town next to ours and still try to officiate as many of the high school and junior games as I can.

I think sports and fitness in general really in something massively undervalued in the world today, and I try to spend as much of my time teaching people about how great it is to get outside and do something athletic. Now, this doesn’t meant that I don’t relax and play some video games every once and awhile (my Madden team is unreal) but I think you need a good balance in your life. So yeah, if what I have said seems like stuff you might be interested in then check out my first post next week! See ya!