After the Workout

Hey everyone, hope you are all having an amazing day. Welcome back to my sports and fitness blog, I hope you have been enjoying it so far. I just got back from a workout and am ready to start my post workout routine. Every day when I come home from the gym, I make myself a high protein and carb meal (tonight it is going to be a porterhouse steak and some mashed potatoes) then have a 30 minute ice bath in order to relax my muscles. It’s something that isn’t talked about often, but taking care of your body the hours after your workout are extremely important.

The Process

When you exercise your muscles, you are causing slight tears in the muscle strands so that your body repairs the muscle with more protean and then it overcompensates, adding more muscle onto the spot that was torn. That is why you always want to have carbs before working out and proteins after, to give you the energy to get through your workout and then give your body the energy to repair itself. In order to maximize the repair you want to help your body in other ways as well. A major hindrance in the actual development of muscles is inflammation. Inflammation is something that is very important to the healing process, but it can also slow the process down by hindering nutrient delivery. That is why professional athletes will go in ice baths after practice/workouts.

ice bath

Do any of you readers have tips on what to do after a workout? Everyone has a different body and they all react differently so what works best for me might not be what works best for you. Nonetheless, it is always a good idea to try out different techniques and see what feels best for you. Enjoy yourselves everyone, and I hope to see you again soon!