2017 NFL Combine

Hey sports fans, Steve here again for my first sports and fitness blog post! I am super excited for this one aren’t you guys? I even went on a little road trip for this post and I just got back from the fourth day of the 2017 NFL Combine in Indianapolis and wow, this is a crazy exhibition of some of the most athletic young men I have ever seen. For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, every year the NFL holds a major event in Indianapolis where they invite the top college football players from around the nation and sometimes from other countries such as Canada and more recently Germany. The invitees then participate in a variety of drills to show off their various athletic ability such as strength, speed and agility.

The Winners

The Combine usually shows off some freaks of nature, and this year was no different. Sports clothing and equipment company Adidas offered an entire island off the coast of Florida for any player that ran their 40 yard dash in under 4.40 seconds and a receiver named John Ross beat that time and actually set a combine record, running his 40 yards in 4.22 seconds. Unfortunately for Ross, he was wearing Nike shoes during his run so no island for him. Another player who ran the 40 extremely well, although not island level was running back Leonard Fournette who stands at 6-feet tall and weighs 240 pounds. Fournette ran his dash in 4.51 seconds, which is the fastest for a player his size since 2006.

Did you guys watch the combine at all? Who was your favourite prospect to watch, and what ones are you hoping to see wearing your team’s jersey next season? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear from you all.

nfl combine broad jump